absip bursary contact information?

Application forms and supporting documents must be submitted in one of the following ways:
1) Email: info@absip.co.za / students@absip.co.za
2) Fax: 0865495147

Closing Date: 15 January annually

Contact ABSIP for more details about the Bursary Application and also check your status.

Tel: 011 483 0844

Email: info@absip.co.za / students@absip.co.zaAbout the ABSIP: The promotion of education and academic excellence is a key priority of ABSIP. In line with ABSIP’s mission statement, “To build leaders that shapes the future of the Financial Services industry and the broader economy”, ABSIP launched its bursary fund in 2013. In line with ABSIP’s Vision 2025 master plan, we encourage all academically deserving ABSIP members to apply for the 2018 Bursary intake. Must be a member of ABSIP in good standing for a minimum of 6 months. The application is only open to 2nd-year students and beyond. Must be pursuing a qualification in commerce-related fields. Must prove financial need. Must have a minimum average of 60%. The ABSIP Bursary programme is only open to historically disadvantaged

Details of ABSIP Bursary Application 2024/2025

ABSIP Bursary Application Requirements 2024/2025

  • South African citizen
  • Completed Matric
  • Good academic record
  • Studying towards a qualification within the Commerce field of study
  • Currently in your second or later year of study (ie. no first-year students)
  • Achieved a minimum overall average of 60% for studies
  • Proven financial need
  • From a previously disadvantaged background
  • A member of ABSIP and be in good standing for at least 6 months

ABSIP Bursary Application Procedures 2024/2025

Application Forms can be downloaded online at http://absip.co.za/site/services/absip-bursary/ OR requested via email: info@absip.co.za

  • ID document (certified copy of),
  • Matric mid-year and final results (certified copies of)
  • Parents/ guardian’s ID documents (certified copies of)
  • Parents/ guardian’s pay-slips (if employed) (certified copy of)
  • Parents/ guardian’s sworn affidavit (if unemployed)
  • Parents/ guardian’s proof of income (if pensioners)