act nyoloha scholarship starting and closing date 2024-2025 ?

Here is some advice about how to conduct a search for bursary funding. AFDA does not receive government subsidy. Most funders prefer to enter into agreements directly with students. On the occasions when, and if, AFDA has received funding for bursaries then AFDA will issue a call for applications with set criteria and the open and closing dates for application. Any funding agreement entered into is the responsibility of the individual student and not the institution. AFDA does not enter into funding agreements or negotiations for funding on behalf of prospective students. AFDA does provide advice and where necessary assist students with access to institutional documents required for their application and where possible support if there are particular difficulties regarding the funding arrangements. If you need advice, contact: Dr Christopher John, Social Responsibility and Funding Officer, at Many people can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of fining bursary funding.This is particularly so for someone who is new to this. We have provided a free online-short-course (under an hour) to help you.Go to click on the “go to the courses” button. From the list of courses select the one titled HOW TO APPLY FOR A BURSARY. This is a free course.You just need to enrol.The course covers: How to search for bursaries and identify calls that are open for submissions. How to write a letter of motivation. How to manage your supporting documents.

How to manage your relationship with a funder. How to build schedule to manage on-going searches and funding applications. WHERE TO START WITH A SEARCH FOR BURSARIES There are multiple bursary providers. Each provider has their own specific criteria, requirements for submission, and deadlines. Please ensure to research accordingly and engage with the bursary provider directly about their application procedure. Feel free however, to ask us for advice about bursary applications during your consultation or visit to one of our Open Days. It is advisable to have submitted your AFDA application and had your consultation with us, so you can make use of your acceptance letter when making your bursary application. We suggest applying to as many bursary providers as possible. Access

2to funding is very competitive. Also, consider making provisional application for a study loan so you know whether this is an option for you to cover your tuition fees. Then check the funder’s website to see when calls for applications open and close.Also check the funding criteria. Here is a list of the usual documents that need to accompany an application. You will be guided by the particular funder to whom you are submitting an application. It is useful to have available certified electronic copies of the following documents in a folder so you can easily upload them as part of your application.Make sure that each document is clearly labeled with your name and the name of the document so it is easy for the Bursary administration to identify: Your South African ID Your Matric Results / latest academic results Latest AFDA report if you are already studying at AFDA Your NQF 5 Higher Certificate results (if you are applying for funding for a BA Degree and have a Matric Diploma pass, you can qualify for a BA degree if you have completed an NQF 5 Higher Certificate course) Proof of enrolment at AFDA if you are already studying at AFDA AFDA acceptance letter if you are a new student intending to study at AFDA Proof of residency Proof of parents’ income Funding is very competitive so you need to submit as many bursary applications as you can to funders whose range of funding criteria you feel you qualify for.You need a strong motivation as to why you will be a good investment for the funder.You also need to make a good case for financial need and provide proof of such. CONDUCTING A BURSARY SEARCH A good place to research funding is on the Bursaries South Africa site We can recommended this site as their information is reliable and they are very responsive in removing any incorrect information.There are a number of similar sites you can explore as well. Students should pay particular attention to the following links on the Bursaries South Africa site and review the bursaries listed there: Closing Soon – This tab lists calls for applications that are currently open.The list usually shows open calls for application for a period of three months.Work through this list. Here are other search tabs you should look through. See who is open or when they will open calls for applications. Arts – Students enrolled or intending to enrol in the following qualifications should look at the Arts sites: Higher Certificate in Film, TV & Entertainment Production Higher Certificate in Performing Arts Higher Certificate in Radio & Podcasting Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium Bachelor of Arts Honours in Motion Picture Medium
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