Agbiz centenary bursary contacts details?

In celebration of a number of Agbiz members who celebrated their 100 years of existence, an annual Agbiz Centenary Bursary Fund was established. The primary objective of the bursary is to promote master’s, or PhD level research in agribusiness-related fields and Agbiz certainly is proud to be associated with and supporting the set research of Agbiz Centenary Bursary holders.

The annual bursary of R43 000.00 is available to a South African student registered for a master’s or PhD degree in agribusiness management-related fields, at any recognised South African university in 2024. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, read the Terms and Conditions Document.


  • All applicants will receive an email confirmation that their application was received.
  • Applications that are incomplete (i.e. missing documentation or information on the application form) or late, will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Bursary recipients must ensure their academic supervisor or head of the department submits biannual progress reports to Agbiz, in the 2nd term and last term of the year, in order for Agbiz to evaluate student’s progress. These reports must be submitted by an academic supervisor or head of the department, to Thapelo Machaba (
  • The bursary will be terminated if: the student does not continue the year of study or the student does not show satisfactory progress (up to the standards of the academic supervisor, head of department and Agbiz’s assessment). In this case, students will be required to pay back the bursary received, with interest.
  • Bursary recipients will be required to sign a formal agreement with Agbiz.
  • Applicants who are receiving bursary funding, scholarship or sponsoring from another source, must declare this on their application form. Failure to declare this information will result in automatic disqualification.

Applications for the 2024 bursary, complete with a completed application form and the required documentation, should reach Agbiz via email before 1 December

For enquiries please contact Retha Hart on 012 807 6686 or e-mail


For any queries related to this bursary programme, please contact Agbiz directly:
Tel: 012 807 6686