Auditor general of south africa bursary login?

How to apply:

  • Applications are only open to South African citizens.
  • Only online applications will be accepted.
  • Awarded bursaries will only be for chartered accountancy studies.
  • Applicants can be at any level between matric & undergraduate.
  • AGSA employees are encouraged to assist those who wish to apply by capturing their information on the internet, should those applicants not have easy access to the internet including candidates identified by business units during the CSI school visits.
  • The bursary is not for people employed by the AGSA, but for their immediate family i.e  (brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife)
  • Application of an AGSA employee immediate family should be accompanied by a declaration form along with the other required attachments.
  • Being a relative of an AGSA employee does not guarantee a bursary. Applicants need to meet the minimum requirements.
  • Each bursary covers the actual cost of tuition and accommodation including a book allowance and is currently fixed at the maximum amount per year.
  • Applicants should click here and familiarize themselves with the minimum requirements.

For more information and assistance, please contact Gabriel Tenene at or Ilze Solomon at .

The association aims to create a platform that will enable us to stay in contact with all our former employees and provide opportunities to build strong relationships and reconnect with each other as colleagues. By joining this association, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities specifically created for its members, for example networking events, social activities, as well as access to organisational publications.

The successes of our office are attributable to all our employees, past and present, who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to further improving our brand and the impact that we can have on the public sector.  We therefore value your expertise and, as part of sharing, collaborating and building strong relationships, we thus would appreciate it if you could continue to participate in leadership development and professionalisation activities in the office

How can you become a member?

Apply now

If you had previously worked at the AGSA and wish to become a member of the alumni association, please complete the registration form on the alumni page and declare that you agree with the code of conduct on the registration form and code of ethics.