Department of Health Bursaries 2021

Department of Health Bursaries 2021

The Department of health offers students from each province that is in need of financial assistance the opportunity to apply for a bursary.  Each province has critically and scarce skills that are needed and will be available for study.

Department of Health Bursaries

Kwa-Zulu Natal Department bursaries include the following on a sliding scale dependent on the financial need according to parent’s income:

  • R0 – R120 000 including tuition, meals, books, and accommodation
  • R121 000 – R150 000 including tuition, meals, and accommodation
  • R151 000 – R200 000 including tuition, accommodation, and books
  • R201 000 – R250 000 including tuition and accommodation
  • R251 000 – R300 000 only covering tuition

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