Details Of North-West University Bursaries 2021

By | October 22, 2019

Details Of North-West University Bursaries 2021

Can I get a bursary?

Of course you can – if you produce good matric marks!

With the right marks you probably already qualify for a rebate on your class fees.
The NWU offers some of the best bursaries in the country. See Current NWU bursary application forms below;
North-West University Bursaries 2021 : APPLICATION FORMS:
–  Family Discount
–  Leadership Bursary
–  Merit Bursary
–  Support Bursary
–  Art & Culture Bursary
–  Sport Bursary

Engineering bursaries

For detailed information contact Claudie Kroese @ 018 299 1530 or for engineering bursaries.

Sport bursaries

For information on a NWU-Puk Rugby Institute bursary, e-mail For other sport bursaries, e-mail
Sport bursary application form (download pdf)

Alumni loan fund

Edu-Loan administrates the loan scheme on behalf of the NWU and you are welcome to contact them at 018 299 1008.