mmabana arts culture and sports foundation bursary 2024-2025?

Opening Date:

30 May 

Closing Date

17 June 

Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sports Foundation hereby grants applicants an opportunity of a bursary for undergraduate and postgraduate studies within Performing and Visual Arts fields of study.


Applicants must satisfy the following minimum requirements for consideration:

  • South African citizens who reside in the North West Province.

  • Proof of income i.e. 3 months’ pay slips of applicant , parent or guardian (if employed).

  • Proven financial need where such exists i.e. an affidavit and motivation letter.

  • Admission / acceptance to an accredited South African Institution of learning for the intended qualification.

  • Certified copy of an Identity Document (certified copy no later than 6 months).

  • Proof of acceptance by the Institution of learning. 

  • Academic transcripts or record (non-first year students). 

  • Proof of residence. 

  •  Fee structure of the institution of learning.

  • Banking details of the Institution of learning.

  • Students / Parents / Guardian’s proof of income (3 recent pay slips, if employed).

  • Motivation letter & affidavit where financial need exists.

  • Students currently receiving NSFAS support are not eligible to apply.

  • Mmabana Arts Culture and Sport Foundation, and Government employees.

  •  Transport and Meals.

  •  The Bursary will cover tuition fees, educational material, and accommodation (where required). Valid proof 
    to be provided for costs of educational material and accommodation. 

    The Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sports Foundation is a Public Entity of the Department of Arts, Culture, Sports, and Recreation in the North West Province. The foundation is dedicated to leading the development, industrialization, performance, and teaching of arts, culture, and artistic sports to residents within the North West Province and South Africa.

    About the Mmabana Arts, Culture and Sports Foundation Bursary:

    The Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sports Foundation is offering bursary funding for the 2024-2025 academic year to students from the North West Province. These bursaries are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of Performing Arts and Visual Arts.

    Expenses Covered:

    The bursary covers the following expenses:

    • Tuition fees
    • Study materials
    • Accommodation (where required)
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    Please note that the bursary does not cover transport and meals.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    To be eligible for the Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sports Foundation Bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • South African citizenship
    • Reside within the North West Province
    • Be studying or intending to study towards an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in Performing Arts or Visual Arts
    • Study or be accepted to study at an accredited institution of learning in South Africa
    • Not be currently receiving NSFAS funding
    • Not be an employee of Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sports Foundation or a government employee

    How to Apply:

    Follow these steps to apply for the Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sports Foundation Bursary:

    1. Download and complete the Mmabana Arts, Culture & Sports Foundation Bursary Application Form 2024-2025.
    2. Submit clear copies of the required supporting documentation along with your application:
      • Identity Document (certified copy, not older than 6 months)
      • Proof of admission or acceptance to an accredited institution of learning in South Africa
      • Full academic transcripts or records if you are currently studying and not a 1st-year student (on the institution’s letterhead)
      • Breakdown of fees from the institution (on the institution’s letterhead)
      • Institution’s banking details (on the institution’s letterhead)
      • Proof of income for parents, guardians, or applicants if employed (3 months recent payslips)
      • Proof of financial need, if applicable (affidavit and motivational letter)
      • Proof of residence in the North West Province
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    Alternatively, you can submit applications to Mmabana Centers within the North West Province (Mahikeng, Taung, Lehurutshe, Rustenburg, Kanana Community Arts Centre in Orkney).

    Closing Date:

    The closing date for the Mmabana Arts, Culture, and Sports Foundation Bursary is 17 June. Ensure that you submit your application before this date to be considered.

    Contact Information:

    For any queries related to this bursary program, please contact the Mmabana Arts, Culture & Sports Foundation directly:

    • Contact person: Ms. Pumla Mpahlwa
    • Tel: 066 421 2796
    • Email: