MSA Early Bird – SA Students Enrolment Award

By | October 22, 2019

MSA Early Bird – SA Students Enrolment Award

onash South Africa (MSA) is offering an Early Bird reduced tuition fees enrolment award to give students the perfect kick-start to begin their World Class degree in .

This award is for individuals completing their matric/equivalent qualification in South Africa by end of 2016, and who successfully enrol for either an Undergraduate of Foundation Program at Monash South Africa on or before 14 January .

There are a limited number of enrolment awards and the allocation of the awards will be based on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Total value of the award:

Pay 2016 tuition fees for all enrolled units during the academic year.


  • Successfully completing and meeting the entry requirements to commence with an Undergraduate or Foundation Program for the first time during .
  • Monash South Africa has received a 50% deposit on or before 14 January .
  • Successfully completed enrolment, for a minimum of 4 units during each semester, on or before 14 January .

Not eligible:

  • Successful candidates receiving the enrolment award are not eligible for other discounts in addition to this enrolment award.

To apply

Withdrawing from your course
If you withdraw from your course you may have to repay the enrolment award.