PPS Bursaries 2021 in South Africa

By | October 22, 2019

PPS Bursaries 2021 in South Africa

PPS: Bursaries 2021 in South Africa
PPS bursaries are awarded on financial need and academic record to full time university students in an effort to assist students financially to cover tuition and/or text book costs for one  academic year. Applications however will be not be considered should the student have a loan. Should any applicant be in contravention with this policy, the bursary will be withdrawn and disbursed to an alternative bursary recipient.
The PPS Foundation awards bursaries to financially deserving students who have a superior academic record and are full – time university students, primarily in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math disciplines.
Bursary Application deadline is 31 October 2016

Bursary Provider: PPS
Bursary Location: South Africa
Field of Studies:

  • Doctors (belonging to the HPCSA), Surgeons, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Dietician, Nurses (four year B.Cur degree), Gynaecologist
  • Dentists,  Scientists, Biologists, Botanists,  Archaeologists,  Farmer (with four year degree in agriculture), Audiologist
  • Accountants, Actuaries, Economists, Auditors, Mathematician
  • Advocates, Attorneys
  • Human Resources Practitioners, Industrial Psychologists
  • Architects, Engineers, Historian, Meteorologist


  •  To be eligible for the PPS bursary, the student must be registered at a participating South African University or University of Technology.
  • Preference will be given to African, Indian and Coloured students (AIC) .
  • The students must be a citizen or a permanent resident of South Africa.
  • PPS does not award bursaries to students that already have other confirmed sponsors which cover their entire academic expenses, unless the alternative sponsor is a loan and not a bursary. If the student is in contravention of this, the bursary (and funds) will be withdrawn and disbursed to an alternate bursary recipient .
  •  The student must have an academic average of at least 65% throughout their academic period .
  •  The application criteria is determined entirely at PPS’ discretion.
  • PPS also reserves the right to change the criteria at any time without prior notice to applicants
  • PPS also reserves the right to withdraw its financial aid to successful applicants should it be found at any time that an applicant does not (or no longer) meets the application criteria or the applicant has breached any of the terms and conditions in any way.

How to Apply

Applicants can Email their supporting documents to: info@ppsfoundation.co.za