Sasol Bursaries for Science Geek

Sasol Bursaries for Science Geek

Those who want to contribute in making new energy resource or enhance energy choice by applying in universities or other choice of high education can use Sasol Bursaries. Sasol contribute to the country by creating development in technologies and commercialize it. Los of facilities are built to operate in producing fuels and electricity. Effort in making other source of energy is also performed. This is a huge company with more than 35 000 workforces. As any big company Sasol would like to have a good skill for their company. Education is a key for this thus bursaries are dispersed to enhance the opportunity for young people to have appropriate education. They offer a nice scheme of bursaries and people who get it would work for them in the future. There are lots of ways to obtain the bursaries. Anyone who enrolls at universities or technology universities can obtain benefit from this bursary. The require degree is at engineering, science and commerce majors. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are included in these bursaries.
Information about majors on certain education institution is necessary information if you want to combine your education with Sasol Bursaries. You have to look for it before you are actually applying to university and take any majors in it. Applying to the bursaries is an important step to perform. You would need complete document for your application which contain

  • A proof of South African citizen which is given by applying a valid ID number.
  • A proof of application or acceptance in certain choice of university in South Africa.
  • An interview will be performed for this bursary. The test would psychometric review which require you to visit some place for it.
  • Additional rules would be applied if you can only manage minimum grade.

Minimum grade acceptance for Sasol Bursaries would be controlled by these rules:

  • Engineering or other Science should provide an A for Mathematic, B for Physical Science, B for Commercial Accounting and C for Accounting.
  • Any other field would require D for English First Language or C for English Second Language.

Since textbook for students in South Africa are imported textbook thus you would see lots of English while you are finishing your study. Getting better grade than C or D would be easier with so much exposure.
In another way of grading it would be translated to

  • Engineering or other Science should provide level 7 for Mathematic, and level 6 for Physical Science, level 5 for Commercial Accounting and level 6for Accounting.
  • Any other field would require level 4 for English First Language or level 5 for English Second Language.

Apply Sasol Bursary Online
People who already in the university and match with the choice of study field required by Sasol bursaries can have the advantage of this bursary by passing all course that they have taken for this year and submit their application in the right time. Obviously the prove that shows your quality in each grade should be provided thus Sasol Bursaries judgment will be clear and good considerations can lean to you.