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AFDA Bursaries

AFDA Bursaries WHAT DOES AFDA STAND FOR? It seems that many people have been wondering, what does AFDA stand for? It used to be an acronym for Africa Film Drama Art. Nowadays though, its not meant to stand for anything, its just AFDA, the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance. DOES AFDA ACCEPT… Read More »

Join Anglogold Ashanti Bursary Programme

Join Anglogold Ashanti Bursary Programme Many opportunities to get a bursary from the companies, including from Anglogold Ashanti which is a gold mining company headquarter in Johanesburg, South Africa. Anglogold Ashanti has 20 gold mininng operations in 10 countries, as well as several exploration programs in both the established and new gold producing regions of… Read More »

Details Of AFDA Bursaries 2021

Details Of AFDA Bursaries 2021 DOES AFDA OFFER BURSARIES? AFDA Bursaries 2021 -The study funds of every registered and prospective student of the institution are the responsibility of the individual student. The institution will not enter into funding agreements or negotiations for funding on behalf of prospective students. AFDA helps registered students of the institution get onto possible funding… Read More »