Transnet Bursaries with Guaranteed Work

Transnet Bursaries with Guaranteed Work

Transnet provide a working field in transportation industry. Transnet Bursaries are available for people who like the idea of working with transportation engineering and lots of other things that related to transportation needs. This company intended to be a reliable helper for those in need of education by offering bursaries for those who qualified for it. Transnet would take people with intention to learn skill related to Transnet engineering and marketing. Through this bursary you would be the future employee of Transnet thus you have to make a decision that related to your future as Transnet employee and how that would work for your future dreams. You need to be a fulltime undergraduate for these bursaries. Lots of advantage can be obtained if you are selected for this bursary.
A fulltime undergraduate that already accepted in a university on South Africa would have and advantage of bursary that will be received annually in the light that you are suitable for the future employee of Transnet. Therefore your acceptance would depend on the company decision about their need and vacancy availability. There is a slim possibility for the company to make Transnet Bursaries hole for your astounding academic record. The company will offer a coverage for

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Book Allowance
  • Experiential training

There are some freedoms for this bursary which allow you to choose your own university as long as it still within South Africa. Certain field of study should be available on the university of your choice thus the bursary can be granted.
The most common requirement for the company is a student that works to study

  • Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Metallurgy (physical)
  • Electrical (heavy current)
  • Electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Civil

Those who are studying one of the field above may not accepted because the limit of bursary vacancies and the requirement given by the company. The process of Transnet Bursaries selection would include a screening process which will decide your eligibility. The screening process will be performed by Transnet employee and your academic capability would be inspected on the process. An interview would follow this screening process if you pass the requirement given by the company. Interviews will be performed in four different places thus applicants can have a convenience to choose the nearest place from their house.
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The choice of interview place is at Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban. Medical fitness is necessary information since company takes you as long term investment. Once your application accepted you will be given tuition with coverage as listed above. The aid would require feedback of your service for each aid the company provides. Which means if you finish your study in 5 years using the money that given by Transnet you will spend 5 years working for them. You have to be good at studying since if you fail a subject you will pay to fix it with your own money. You can stop using the money given by Transnet Bursaries but you have to pass the process of termination that will be performed by yourself and training institution.