University of Johannesburg UJ Bursaries & Finance

By | October 22, 2019

University of Johannesburg UJ Bursaries & Finance

At the University of Johannesburg, as at all other tertiary institutions, you have to PAY TO STUDY. There are NO FREE COURSES and the fees at universities are high. Make sure you have enough funding to pay for your course BEFORE you apply. If you are accepted and you do not pay for your studies, you may be held responsible for the outstanding amount. The contract you sign with UJ is legally binding and if you are over 18, you become responsible for any debt. Students often see the tuition fees and think that these are the only costs to be paid but tuition fees are only a part of the total cost of a year at UJ.
How can you pay for your studies?
There are a number of ways to fund your studies. If you are very lucky your family can pay for you and support you – OR you might qualify for a scholarship – OR you can try to apply for a bank loan – OR you can try to apply for a bursary.
At UJ we offer Merit Bursaries to students who have achieved exceptional academic results. For example if you obtain an Admission Point Score (APS) of between 40 and 42 (70% plus) you can get a 50% discount on your tuition fees.
If you need financial assistance, visit the following websites. They list the majority of bursaries available in South Africa. Please note each bursary has specific requirements so make sure you comply with these before applying.