University of Pretoria Important Information on bursaries and loans

By | October 22, 2019

University of Pretoria Important Information on bursaries and loans

Financial need
If you are not at all able to pay university fees due to financial need APPLY NOW IN 2016 for financial aid for study in , and submit the required supporting documents as evidence of this financial need which will be requested on the application system. The online financial aid application form will be active annually from 4 August, and you require a University of Pretoria student number (u00000000) to complete the form.
No loan or bursary is however guaranteed by NSFAS or the University of Pretoria.
APPLY on the University of Pretoria web page  between 4 August and 30 November 2016 for possible financial aid in . When you apply online, remember to complete the process by pressing the SUBMIT BUTTON, before 30 November 2016.
Apply in the year BEFORE you study
You have to apply for financial aid during the year preceding your studies, irrespective of whether you have been admitted to study yet or not, to allow time for processing your financial aid application. Applications are received from 4 August till 30 November of the year prior to study. No late applications will be considered. All new first years for  and current registered students must apply between 04 August 2016 and 30 November 2016 for possible financial aid in .
Please do NOT assume that you will be awarded a NSFAS loan or a bursary just because you applied. Various criteria have to be met and budgets are limited. Apply in time before 30 NOVEMBER and submit all the required supporting documents requested. Incomplete applications will not be processed and will thus not be considered for awards.
Thinking you do NOT need financial help?
Many students think they will not need financial aid, as they have promises for financial support from family, friends or institutions who give bursaries. However students then find that their home circumstances suddenly change, or their bursary promise or NSFAS loan fails to realise and they are then unable to pay for their studies. Students in final year are convinced they will graduate, but then fail to meet all the graduation requirements and need to register for another year. It is therefore VERY important to APPLY for financial aid on the University of Pretoria web page  between 4 August and 30 November 2016 for study in , as well as have a back-up financial plan in case this application is not successful.