Walter Sisulu University Academic Bursaries

Walter Sisulu University Academic Bursaries

Advertisement for the National Research Foundation (NRF) Bursaries in Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) at the Centre for Rural Development, Walter Sisulu University (WSU)
The office of the IKS Chair at the Centre for Rural Development at WSU is advertising NRF Bursaries for individuals who are interested in pursuing the Honours, Master’s or Ph.D programmes with a focus on Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and Rural Development.
The focus of research guided by the Chair is the rediscovery of Indigenous Knowledge (IK).  This research will serve as a vehicle for the elevation and integration of this knowledge within Science and Technology, teaching and learning, and application to Rural Industrial Development with Rural Cooperative Enterprises as a point of departure.
Specific Research Areas will cover the following, but not exclusively:

  • IKS and natural resource management, heritage, beliefs, values, etc.;
  • IK integration within curricula, capacity building and training programmes;
  • IK and textile, clothing and design;
  • IK and knowledge management;
  • IK food production and security;
  • IK manufacturing and commercialization;
  • Interaction between IK and western forms of science and knowing;
  • Restoration of indigenous pride and identity.

Interested Honours’ candidates should have completed an undergraduate/B. degree.  MA/MSc. candidates should have completed a four year degree/Honours, and Ph.D candidates should have completed MA/MSc. Degree or equivalent.
Documents to send:

  • Statement of Interest- which details the topic or area of interest in IK.
  • A rationale for your choice
  • Certificate (with a list of courses taken), or a transcript.

Closing Date: Wednesday, 23 March
Please send information to:
Prof:  Nomalungelo Goduka, IKS Chair
Centre for Rural Development
Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha
Telephone:  047- 502-2494 or 072-201-0748
e-mail address: